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Quality and Safety Policy

BEST DIGITAL SA undertakes with its Clients and interested parties to develop their activities within the framework of a Quality Policy, and to act in all its activities in the field of Security of the information, in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Ensure that the works developed (recording and dubbing of audio post-production, film mixes, subtitling and graphics, etc.) and the services provided comply with the contractual conditions, as well as the applicable standards and specifications of all kinds.

  • Provide services and supply audiovisual products whose quality / price ratio is adapted to the needs, requirements and expectations of customers, so that they achieve maximize your satisfaction and motivate their loyalty.

  • Maintain the continuous effort necessary to increase the competitiveness of the company through improvement of Quality and InnovationWithout forgetting that the best productivity is achieved with the greatest security and that the conservation of material and human resources constitutes a fundamental element to reduce costs.

  • Reach a high level of security, integrating physical security with that of production processes, carrying out actions that increase the degree of security and, adopting the principle that security is a shared objective with suppliers and customers.

  • Comply with all legislation, both local and provincial, autonomous or national that affects its activities, products and processes, and if it does not exist, it will endeavor to establish corporate standards to achieve its general objectives of quality and safety, and the fight against corruption.

  • Maintain a commitment to zero tolerance for fraud and corruption, as well as having an ethical behavior in all business activities. It will always be sought to avoid even any indication of impropriety regarding the actions of any of its directors, employees and collaborators.
  • Create relationships of mutual respect, which guarantees a inclusive work environment for all employees, regardless of their differences, whether they are visible or invisible.

  • Establish permanent programs of training and information for your staff who, in terms of Quality, allows them to offer a high level of qualification in the development of activities and with the most appropriate technology. Regarding Security of the information Information will be given on the risks inherent to each position, to promote safe behavior in the activities carried out and the participation of workers in this area.

  • All company employees are expected to perform their work in a manner consistent with the policy and objectives of Quality and Safety of the organization. Internal communication channels will be established and maintained so that employees are aware of this policy, comply with it in their workplace and contribute ideas for its improvement.

  • Will be made periodic reviews of the Quality and Safety System, of all its activities, products and processes, to ensure that the policy and objectives are met, and thus achieve a process of continuous improvement with which to prevent non-conformities, defects or any other undesirable situation, or articulate their correction in the event that they occur.

To achieve these objectives, we work according to an Integrated Management System, establishing action plans and providing the necessary resources. Likewise, the staff is implicated, motivated and committed in order to obtain their participation in the management, development and application of the implemented System, to achieve the levels of quality and security of the information required by the Clients.

The CEO of BEST DIGITAL SA delegates the responsibilities of the Information Quality and Security System to those Responsible for the Processes for the implementation and monitoring of compliance with the Management System, for which they have the necessary authority and independence.

It is the responsibility of all staff BEST DIGITAL SA the obligatory fulfillment of what is established in said System.

This Integrated Policy it is updated when appropriate, it is disclosed in a way that is known to all its employees and is available to anyone who might be interested in it.

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